Reporting is one of the key points of accountability between the Council and our Community.

Annual Report

The Annual Report focuses on Council’s implementation of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan as these are the plans that are wholly Council’s responsibility. It must be prepared in accordance with the Regulation and Guidelines and includes a copy of Council’s audited financial reports.

The Annual Report captures information for the period of:

  • 1 July - 30 June

Note: The Annual Report must be written within 5 months of the end of each Financial Year (by 30 November).

Quarterly Report includes:

1.     Budget Review Statement

2.     Progress reports on the activities and actions detailed in Wollondilly Delivery Program
        and Operational Plan

The Quarterly Report captures information for the periods of:

  • July - September
  • October - December
  • January - March
  • April – June

Additional Reporting included in the Annual Report in the year in which an ordinary election is held:

End of Term Report – Reports on Council’s achievements in implementing the Community Strategic Plan.

State of Environment Report – Reports on environmental issues relevant to the objectives for the environment established by the Community Strategic Plan.