Fees and Charges

Why do we have fees and charges?
Each financial year, Council adopts a revised set of fees and charges for the wide and varied services that it provides to the Community. Fees are reviewed annually to ensure full or true cost recovery or market price on a fee for service (user pays) basis.

However, this principle will only be applied where the cost of the service provision can be accurately determined and the end user can be easily identified.

How does Council decide what the fees should be?
The various methods of pricing implemented by Council are detailed in Council’s Fees & Charges document (click link below) .  In deciding who pays for goods and services, and to what extent, it is necessary to determine whether the service benefits the general community and/or individuals, i.e. the proportion of community versus private benefit.

Considerations that indicate community benefit include:

  • Individuals cannot be excluded from using the goods or service (for example, parks and roads).
  • Does the community, generally, benefit from the service?
  • Is there a value for future generations?
  • Does the community gain a sense of civic pride from the provision of the service?

Considerations that indicate private benefit include:

  • Do benefits apply to individual users?
  • Are individuals prepared to pay for the service?
  • Can individuals be excluded from using the services? (for example, the sale of tickets to a function is limited to the number of seats available).

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