Wollondilly Delivery Program and Operational Plan

What is the purpose of the Delivery Program and Annual Operational Plan

The Delivery Program outlines the principle strategies and activities that Council has prioritised over its four year term to achieve the Outcomes established in the Wollondilly Community Strategic Plan 2033. It addresses the full range of Council’s operations.

The Operational Plan shows detailed actions that will be undertaken over the next 12 months to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program.  The plan also includes our Statement of Revenue Policy.

Why is it important to have a Delivery Program and Annual Operational Plan as part of Council’s Corporate Business Planning Documents?

These are the working documents that will direct council in achieving the commitments made in our Wollondilly Community Strategic Plan and Wollondilly Resourcing Strategy.

They set out in practical terms the tasks involved in delivering on community expectations.  They are the documents that direct the day to day work of Council and are what we report on to show how we are progressing towards our goals.

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Delivery Program Strategies 2013/14 - 2016/17

Operational Plan 2016-17

Operational Plan 2015-16 

Wollondilly Delivery Program 2013/14 to 2016/17 and Operational Plan 2013/14

Revised Wollondilly Operational Plan 2014/15

Wollondilly Operational Plan 2014/15