Wollondilly's Corporate Business

Planning Documents

Adopted By Council 17 June 2013

The Integrated Planning and Reporting framework (IP&R) for Local Councils in NSW was introduced by the Department of Local Government in 2009.  The IP&R framework is effectively another name for what most of us would call "corporate business planning".

The IP&R framework requires Councils to focus on long term strategic planning and to set priorities and aspirations through community consultation.

The Framework consists of:

Wollondilly Community Strategic Plan 2033 (CSP)
The CSP is the Council's highest level long term plan in its suite of 'Corporate Business Plans'.  It identifies and expresses the aspirations held by the Community of Wollondilly and sets strategies for achieving those aspirations.

Wollondilly Resourcing Strategy
The Resourcing Strategy is made up of:

  • Long Term Financial Planning(10 year)
  • Workforce Management Planning (4 year)
  • Asset Management Planning (10 year)

Wollondilly Delivery Program and Operational Plan
The Delivery Program is Council's commitment to the implementation of the CSP and which is aligned with the 4 year term of Council; it addresses the full range of Council's operations.  The Operational Plan details actions we are undertaking that clearly link to our strategies and outcomes.  The plan also includes Fees & Charges.

Public Exhibition of Draft Corporate Planning Documents

Council has undertaken an extensive program of community engagement in late 2016 and early 2017. This was done in an effort to inform the development of an updated Community Strategic Plan and accompanying Corporate Planning documents (Integrated Planning and Reporting).

These documents are currently on Public Exhibition and we would like your feedback to make sure we have heard the community and got it ‘right’. Head to Engage.Wollondilly to view the documents and provide feedback.